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Wine Tasting 1905 2017 Pack Horse - Loire Valley
5/22/2017 7:57:38 AM
Here are our tasting notes from the Loire Valley wines tasting night at Pack Horse, Birtles, 1905 2017

1. Cremant de Loire, Mlle Ladubay

Sainsbury, Taste the Difference, £9.00.
12.5%, Chenin Blanc & probably some Chardonnay, (Brut).
Could be from Anjou, Touraine but probably from around Saumur. Rich on the palate yet zesty apple, methode traditionelle, tuffeau stone, great as an aperitif but could be drunk throughout a meal

2. (House) Muscadet
Sainsbury, House, £4.60
12%, Melon de Bourgogne, (1, v. dry)
From anywhere in Muscadet region surrounding Nantes. Delicate, dry, hints of citrus, grapefruit & tropical fruit. Shellfish & light salads. 

3. Muscadet de Sevre et Maine, Sur Lie, 2016
Sainsbury, Taste the Difference, £7.00
12%, Melon de Bourgogne, (1, v. dry)
From Sevre et Maine. Crisp lemon zest, green apple & melon, bright, refreshing, flinty mineral notes. Seafood & shellfish.

4. The Forgotten One 2016
Aldi £6.99
12% Sauvignon Blanc (1, v. dry)
From Haut-Poitou, new AOP since 2011. Lemon, citrus, herbacious (I get strong elderflower), crisply acidic. Fresh seafood.

5. Touraine Sauvignon Blanc, 2016
Sainsbury, £7.99
12.5%, Sauvignon Blanc, (2, dry)
From Touraine. Aromas green apple, lime, gooseberry, zesty lemon flavours. Aperitif, smoked salmon blinis, seafood, salad.

6. Gamay Rose, 2015
Sainsbury, £5.50
11.5%, Gamay, (2, dry)
From Val de Loire. Dry, crisp, fruity, light floral nose, fresh red fruit flavours. Summer salads, barbecues, fried fish.

7. Domaine de Courbier Chinon, 2014
Sainsbury, £7.00
12.5%, Cabernet Franc, (B, light)
Light-bodied, fragrant, raspberry, soft, dry, refreshing, serve chilled. Meaty fish like tuna, cheese, picnics, barbecues.

8. Les Champs Clos, (Red) Sancerre 2015
Sainsbury, £11.00
12.5%, Pinot Noir
From Sancerre. Pale ruby, strawberry, ripe red fruit & violet notes. Serve lightly chilled (12-14C) with red meat, especially Bernaise sauce, cheese.

9. Domaine des Petits Quarts, Coteaux du Layon, 2014
Lidl, £7.49
11.5%, Chenin Blanc, (4, Medium-Sweet)
From Coteaux du Layon, west of Saumur. Gold in colour (green hint?), acacia, honey, lemongrass, candied fruit, rounder, fruity, fresh acidity, balanced, not cloyingly sweet. Roasted pear with blue cheese!!! Frangipane tarts, plum cake or crumble.

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