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Gin Tasting A Huge Success
4/16/2015 2:20:13 PM
Gin Tasting @WiganCentral

Sunday 22nd March saw Bulldog Gin showcased at a tasting at Wigan Central, a railway-themed bar in ...yes, you guessed it, Wigan !
30 lucky tasters got a brief history of gin, a quick whistle-stop tour of the different types, and, naturally, the important bit, the opportunity to try some delicious Bulldog Gin.
Tastings included neat, diluted with water, pink, with apple juice, and, of course, the ubiquitous gin and tonic (tonics provided by Fever-Tree). Experiments were also made with the use of different garnishes, including lemon, lime, red apple & grapefruit.
Much was made of the different botanicals used to make gin, and a competition was organised where guests had to; correctly identify 16 different botanicals used in gin manufacture, identify the well-known phrase from a picture, and name some famous gin drinkers by their quotations.
The winners received Bulldog Gin & Bulldog cocktail shakers as prizes.
Lee Holgate, from PBP Learning who hosted the event, said, "Thanks to the fantastic people at Bulldog Gin the night went almost as smoothly as the drink itself."
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